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Today's colloquium: Early Science Opportunities with ALMA (Michiel Hogerheijde, Allegro - ALMA Regional Center Node in NL)

Submitter: Valeriu Tudose
Description: The Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA) will revolutionize (sub) millimeter astronomy in terms of sensitivity, angular resolution, and image quality. Currently under commissioning at its 5000-m altitude location in the Chilean Andes, ALMA will open up for Early Science observing to astronomers world-wide in 2011. I will present the layout and capabilities of ALMA, both for Early Science and after completion in 2013, and illustrate its many science applications. I will introduce the ALMA Regional Centers, the primary interface between users and ALMA, and discuss the assistance that users can get at Allegro, the ALMA Regional Center node in the Netherlands. This includes both general (face-to-face) help, as well as expert help in the areas of high-frequency observing, extended-field imaging, and using advanced science-analysis tools. Finally, I will sketch the path from the call for Early Science proposals to reducing actual ALMA data.
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