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Submitter: Arno Schoenmakers
Description: Nearly everybody has started the new year with good intentions. Well, so did the ASTRON/JIVE OndernemingsRaad (OR)! The OR is a personnel delegation whose task and legal right it is to discuss company policy-making on personnel and strategic issues with management. This requires some background in these issues and good communication channels and skills.

We decided to start the new year by following a two-day training course on January 5 and 6. The topics of this course were communication, and especially communication with our management, self-organisation of the OR and planning and preparing some of the important issues that will be on the agenda for the next year. At the end of the first day we were joined by our Managing Director, Marco de Vos, and we had a informal conversation with him that lead to a "new start" in our relation and in how we would inform each other on upcoming issues.

The picture above shows the OR near the end of the second day of training, somewhat fatigued, but still full of spirit! In the picture, taken by OR-member Arno Gregoor who is therefore not visible, you can find from right to left around the table: Marco Drost, Andre van Es, Arno Schoenmakers, Ellis van Bellen (our trainer from GITP Medezeggenschap), Hiddo Hanenburg, Michel Arts and Martin Leeuwinga. The venue is the Van der Valk hotel in Spier, which provided excellent accommodation and food service.

More information on the OR, who we are and what we do, can be found on our Intranet web site:

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