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Lightpath connection beats Superman

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: On Monday January 31, Klaas Stuurwold caught the above "First Light" cheering from his ladder vantage point.

Only minutes before, we connected the final optical fibers that now seamlessly and directly connect the DROP cluster in Dwingeloo with the Huygens supercomputer in Amsterdam. While Klaas was photographing these last connections high up in the SURFNet patch rack, Paul Boven and Joeri van Leeuwen zapped across the first data, faster than Superman flies.

This direct fiber-link connection, a "light path", now integrates Huygens with DROP computing; pulsar data can now be moved to Huygens and reduced there. The aim is to thus reduce pulsar survey data from Arecibo, the GBT, and LOFAR.

Thank-you's for making this happen go to Klaas, Merijn, Roelof and especially Paul.
Copyright: KS, JvL
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