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Submitter: Juergen Morawietz
Description: In October 2010 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope.

A small symposium was held where WSRT veterans and people still working on or with the telescope gave talks about the technical developments and scientific discoveries during the last 40 years of operation.

One aspect wasn't really mentioned - maintenance. Maintenance is permanently done, but it is not always visible for the users. There are neither papers nor articles published about maintenance issues. They aren't even twittered.

So this small diorama is in a manner of speaking my late contribution to the symposium. It depicts an accumulation (~200 pcs) of defective devices from various modules in the RF-chain. I collected them during the last two years when I was doing WSRT maintenance one day a week. These are only parts that I replaced myself and only the small ones. You may know that there are more people busy with maintenance and there's of course also the mechanical chapter. For a 40 years period. Do some math ...
Copyright: (C) J. Morawietz 2011
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