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Excursion primary school ‘de Kloostertuin’

Submitter: Annette de Boer
Description: We have had a great excursion with children from the primary school ‘de Kloostertuin’ from Assen, on April 18th. This school is a so-called Leonardo school, which is a special school for gifted children who need challenges in education.

Michiel Brentjens gave them a beautiful presentation about the life of a star. But he didn’t need to show more than a couple of slides before the questions erupted. One of the topics we discussed was that there is so much "nothing" in Space, but also inside an atom.

After the presentation we were lucky. That morning, the telescopes had to be moved. One of them had to be brought back to another position. The children were delighted to help Jurjen of the Radio Observatory. Although they could not really move it by pushing, they were asked to try it anyway to get a nice picture.

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