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The 4th East Asia VLBI Workshop

Submitter: Zsolt Paragi
Description: The 4th East Asian VLBI Workshop took place in Lijiang, a scenic town in the South-West province of Yunnan, PR China. Three people represented Astron/JIVE at the workshop. This field is rapidly developing in East Asia, and the aim is that the various national networks will combine their forces more and more often to form the East Asia VLBI Network.

During the conference dinner our Japanese colleagues from institutes affected by the big earthquake not long time ago received a card signed by the participants. It was a heart-warming moment.

Leaving Lijiang, we continued our trip to Kunming. The 40m radio telescope at the Yunnan Astronomical observatory is one of the new telescopes that will play an important role in both the East Asia VLBI Network and the EVN, and because of its southern location it will provide a good tie to Australia as well. A young team of VLBI experts is being formed here with some help from JIVE and Astron.

Our last stop was in Shanghai, where we visited to old 25m telescope and, most importantly, the construction site of the new 65m telescope. The control building is already finished, and the antenna construction is going quickly as well. This new telescope will provide the EVN with very sensitive long baselines.
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