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UniBoard shipping now!

Submitter: Andre Gunst
Description: All partners in the UniBoard RadioNET FP7 program will receive their UniBoard in the coming days. They will use the UniBoard for various applications, amongst them a digital receiver, wide-band spectrometer and pulsar binning machine. JIVE will use the UniBoard to implement a next generation of the EVN correlator and ASTRON will use the board to implement the APERTIF beamformer, APERTIF correlator and AARTFAAC correlator (correlates all dipoles in the LOFAR superterp).

The board is shipped to: Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Bordeaux (France), Station de radioastronomie de Nancay (France), INAF Osservatorio Astrofisico (Italy), Jodrell Bank Observatory (UK), Korean VLBI Network. China will pick up the board themselves.

Shipping the board concludes the deliverable of ASTRON to the UniBoard project.

The board and application firmware is being developed in an international collaboration as part of the Radionet FP7 programme. More information on UniBoard and the FP7 program can be found on: http://www.radionet-eu.org/fp7wiki/doku.php?id=jra:uniboard
Copyright: ASTRON/JIVE
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