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And the winner is..... Lava Sulayman!

Submitter: Annette de Boer
Description: Lava is a high school student who visited ASTRON as part of her research for her "profielwerkstuk". This is a final report done by every high-school student in the Netherlands, and is like a mini-thesis. Lava explored questions related to the expansion of the universe and "measured" the age of the Universe with the help of people at ASTRON.

On April 15th, Lava was invited to the award ceremony for the best Astronomy profielwerkstuk, a yearly event organized by the University of Utrecht. She was surprised and delighted when Professor Gerard 't Hooft (Nobel Laureate in physics) announced that Lava was the winner of the contest. Her prize includes a trip to the observatory in La Palma.

In Lava's own words: "Since childhood I have been fascinated by the Universe. I would watch the sky for hours. It was something amazing, and the Universe still fascinates me. I like to ponder questions such as: is there life somewhere else in the universe?, where does the Universe end?, and is there even an end to the Universe?

There are many unsolved questions and puzzling over them is what interests me. My visit to ASTRON was an important part of completing my profielwerkstuk, which helped me finish a part of my research I couldn't have done on my own."

We congratulate her on winning this well-deserved prize!

Copyright: Lava Sulayman
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