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LOFAR Low Band Antenna (LBA) installation at Juelich international station, 20th April 2011

Submitter: Charlotte Sobey
Description: The above pictures illustrate the installation of LOFAR LBAs at the international station in Juelich (Germany) on 20th April 2011.

The team were all enthusiastic to finish the entire Low Band array, consisting of 96 individual antennae, within one sunny day. After working hard preparing, installing and anchoring the LBA receivers, we were all sleepy, sweaty and sunburnt! Nevertheless, we were thrilled and delighted to witness the LBA's first light.

Thanks to everyone's efforts beforehand who made this possible, it was great to witness astronomers being able to help build their own instrument.

Background: The installation of the LBAs at Juelich international LOFAR station finished at ~16:00. At 09:00 that morning only cables were present.

Film: Left, working hard to install and anchor the receivers in place.
Centre, celebrating the team effort of installing all receivers.
Right, 'First light' of the 96 LBAs displaying the bandpass of the receivers (intensity as a function of frequency) thanks to Enno Middelberg.

Framed: 'The Team' on 20th April 2011 (left to right), Halime Miraghaei, Ulrich Schilling, Tatjana Seizev, Frederik Schulz, Alexander Becker, Carlos Sotomayor, Elmar Träbert, Philip Günster, Arpad Miskolczi, Björn Adebahr, Philipp Grunden, Nadya Ben Bekhti, Enno Middelberg, Meike Jahn, David Mulahy, Peter Zinn, Anastasia Ponomareva, Birgitta Burggraf, Ekaterina Karukes, Oliver Lux, Charlotte Sobey (+ Effelsberg staff whom left earlier).
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