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Herschel OT2 Announcement of Opportunity released!

Submitter: Alicia Berciano Alba
Description: The second and final in-flight Open Time (OT2) Announcement of Opportunity to submit proposals for observations with the Herschel Space Observatory was released on 9 June 2011. Proposers from the astronomical community from all over the world are wellcome to respond to this call.

To allow Open Time proposers as much time for preparation as possible, there will be observation planning workshops organised by the HSC in ESAC (Madrid) and simultaneously by the NHSC in Pasadena, CA.
Information about Herschel and the already-approved observing programs is available on the Herschel Science Center website: http://herschel.esac.esa.int/

Important dates:
- Observation planning workshops at HSC and NHSC: 20-21 June 2011
- proposal submission deadline: 15 September 2011 at 12:00h UT
- Announcement of the approved observing programs: 24 November 2011
Copyright: Artist's impression of Herschel. Credit: ESA - C. Carreau
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