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Visit students 'Natuurkunde Olympiade’, June 8th

Submitter: Annette de Boer
Description: We were very proud to entertain a group of 17 very special high school students at ASTRON/JIVE.

Every year, students from Dutch high schools are challenged to show their mettle in the field of physics in the Dutch Physics Olympiad. The best students were invited to the University of Groningen for a week to study more physics.

During this week, the students have also been visiting Dwingeloo and Westerbork. They were surprised when they found out that the building for EMBRACE is made of styrofoam instead of concrete. They were also deeply impressed with the great things we do and build. Perhaps one of them will contribute to this in a couple of years, like our colleague Stefan Wijnholds, who once was a participant of the International Olympiad.

One of the pictures shows the 5 finalists, including the overall winner, Mark van Loon from Roosendaal, second left. These 5 will represent the Netherlands at the International Olympiad in Bangkok, from 10-17 July. We wish them luck.
Copyright: Enno van der Laan/AdB
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