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The International LOFAR Telescope has come of age

Submitter: Rene Vermeulen
Description: In a festive interlude of its meeting at Schiphol Airport on 22 June 2011, the Board of the International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) celebrated the coming of age of the ILT Foundation, with the formal joining of consortia from France, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom as full members of the ILT.

The ILT Foundation was established last year to enable the collaborative international exploitation of LOFAR for astronomy, involving ASTRON and all of the countries where LOFAR stations are located. The first four contracts with station owners have now been signed: one each from France, Germany (Effelsberg), Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The photograph, taken just after the handing out and signing of commemorative certificates show, from left to right: FLOW representative Michel Tagger, GLOW delegate to the meeting Anton Zensus, LOFAR-Sweden secretary John Conway, LOFAR-UK chairman Philip Best, NL-LAC delegate and ILT Board chairman Heino Falcke, ILT Director Rene Vemeulen, ASTRON delegate Mike Garrett, and NL-LAC delegate Ralph Wijers.

We hope the membership of the ILT can soon be further strengthened, when other countries find funding to build stations to further enhance the long-baseline capabilities of LOFAR. Stay tuned for more festive pictures, and more importantly, for a steady stream of exciting results from the ILT!
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