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Combiboard AAVS /SKA-NN

Submitter: Sieds Damstra
Description: This combi-board is part of the prototype of a 1/4 AAVS / SKA-NN Antenna tile. The purpose is to evaluate the problems in building a dual-beam, dual-polarization frontend.

The function of this board is to combine 4 PCBs, each of which has 4 antenna elements. The two switching power supply's and three linear power supply's provide the antenna boards with the necessary voltages. The I2C-to-SPI converter provides control for the beam-former chips on the antenna boards. Additional temperature and voltage monitoring have also been implemented.

The tests have yielded their share of surprises, for which solutions have been found. Building phased arrays is a hard-won skill, however simple it appears in principle.

Copyright: J.Morawietz
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