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The Next Generation of LOFAR Users

Submitter: Jason Hessels
Description: Margot Brouwer (Universeit van Amsterdam) has recently completed a "bachelor's thesis", i.e. a 3rd-year final research project, in which she learned about the LOFAR telescope and how to use it to search for pulsars. Margot searched a number of LOFAR data sets from the commissioning period and was able to "blindly" redetect a number of known pulsars. She also searched for potential radio pulsations from one of the newly discovered Fermi gamma-ray pulsars, and placed an upper limit on its radio flux density.

It's great to see LOFAR being used to train the next generation of radio astronomers, especially since we're going to need a lot of bright young researchers to build the SKA. Margot is shown in the top left, next to a cutout of one of the LOFAR high-band tiles. On the right is the cover page of her "verslag", which can be found here: http://www.science.uva.nl/onderwijs/thesis/apar/phys/thesis.php, with some of the figures shown below.
Copyright: Hessels/ASTRON
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