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Today's Colloquium: The Arecibo Zone of Avoidance Survey (Travis McIntyre, Arecibo Observatory)

Submitter: colloquium
Description: The Arecibo Zone of Avoidance Survey searches for 21cm emission from neutral hydrogen gas in galaxies behind the Milky Way with the 305m Arecibo Radio Telescope. These galaxies are largely undetectable at other wavelengths due to the obscuration and confusion from the stars, dust, and gas in our Galaxy. The survey covers ~1350 square degrees and is ongoing. We have detected hundreds of galaxies so far, with most of our detections being new discoveries. In this talk, I will describe the survey and present our latest results, including follow-up observations on a nearby galaxy with WSRT.

Picture Caption: The Arecibo Zone of Avoidace survey discovers nearby galaxies hidden behind the Milky Way.
Copyright: Travis McIntyre
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