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Radio Astronomy needs Industry

Submitter: Arnold van Ardenne
Description: Already in March, the Dutch based company Mammoet succesfully placed the huge 64m diameter reflector on the main antenna structure of the Sardinian telescope. For further details of this major operation, please consult e.g. http://www.srt.inaf.it/ and http://www.srt.inaf.it/multim/videos.

Huge efforts call for innovative solutions from industry, and obviously this kind of large Radio astronomy effort found the right answer!

Organizing for the global effort to the SKA is even more challengeing, and without doubt the call on Industry will go even further. It was therefore good to notice the overwhelming interest in SKA of many international industries during the recent ISKAF2011 http://www.ska2011.org/Home.html) event in Banff, Canada.

As with LOFAR, ASTRON is making a concerted effort to engage our industries, supported by regular national Industry days (see AJDI 30 November, 2009). Now, the core group of 8 companies is organizing for an update of the Industry Paper that was presented at last year's event, as part of the regionally supported SKA effort in the Netherlands called SKA-NN ("Noord Nederland"). As in Sardinia, we expect truly "Mammothian" results!
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