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A different view of M27

Submitter: Albert van Duin
Description: This image has exactly the same field of view as the AJDI of 04-08-2011, only this time it it's not in colour, but in the red light of the H-Alpha line (656.28nm wavelenght). It is a single integration of 10 minutes, made with a homebuilt 40cm F/4 Newtonian telescope (inset) from Beilen.

The CCD-camera used was a QSI583wsg camera that was cooled to -20C. The diagonal of the imaging area of the chip measures 22.5mm and the pixels are 5.4 micron square. For this image, the CCD was used in 2x2 binning mode, (using four pixels as a single larger and more sensitive pixel) resulting in an image scale of 1.4 arcseconds/pixel.

This narrowband image (bandwidth 7nm) shows a lot more faint nebulosity than the colour image. Another advantage of using this filter is that it improves the contrast during twilight and under light-polluted skies.
Copyright: Albert van Duin
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