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Today's colloquium: On growth and form - radio galaxy morphologies and the ATLBS radio continuum survey (Lakshmi Saripalli, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore)

Submitter: Colloquium
Description: Radio galaxies are instrumental in probing AGN lifecycles. Within radio galaxy, structures are preserved signatures of the current as well as past behaviour of the AGN and hence are preserved changes in the AGN properties over time. I will discuss this most basic of radio galaxy characteristics, the extended radio morphology, against the backdrop of a sensitive radio continuum survey we have carried out using the Australia Telescope Compact Array. A feature of the ATLBS survey is its high surface brightness sensitivity. The survey begun with the prime goal of imaging relic (fossil) radio galaxies and low power radio galaxy population to relatively high redshifts, and was followed up with high-resolution radio imaging as well as optical imaging and (ongoing) spectroscopy. I will be describing some of the interesting results from the survey. The good structural information available for the faint radio sources has allowed characterization of the faint radio source population. I will present images showing the variety in the imaged radio source morphologies and discuss source classification schemes.
Copyright: L. Saripalli
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