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An ASTRON Poster Montage

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen & Roelof Kiers
Description: On October 19 and 20, the 2011 external evaluation committee visited ASTRON. Part of their program for day 2 was a poster session. There, about 30 posters were presented that highlight the research done in R&D, RO and Astronomy. A collage of these posters is shown above. Individually, the committee members interacted with the authors to get a feel for some of the exciting results that are produced at ASTRON. Posters were grouped by topic such that the committee could make the most of their available time. The enthusiasm of the authors and the quality and range of the presented research must have come across, as the panel judged that our "research is internationally leading" and that we are finding a good balance between RO, Astronomy and R&D.

The week after, on the afternoon after the colloquium, there was a repeat performance of this poster session, now for all ASTRON and JIVE staff, and with drinks.

Thanks to everyone who helped out by making posters or giving a hand setting up.
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