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Fire-Fighting at ASTRON

Submitter: Anne Veendijk
Description: Fortunately the fire was only for practice, in a box in the parking lot. About 20 public-spitited ASTRON/JIVE employees are members of the Emergency Response Team ("BedrijfsHulpVerlening, BHV)". Every year, the BHV members receive a training by an external company, to maintain their skills regarding first aid, evacuation and fire extinction. Typically half of the group gets their training on-site.

This image shows the training at ASTRON in September. In the morning we learned how to distinguish fainting from other more serious conditions that can appear similar. We also learned (again) how to perform CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, a combination of stimulating breathing and the pumping of the heart) and how to use the AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

In the afternoon we practiced fire-fighting, using a CO2 or a foam extinguisher. Of course we hope that we never have to use these skills! We all know that, when hearing the fire-alarm sounding in the ASTRON building, everyone must leave the building and go to the designated meeting-point at the sign " VERZAMELPLAATS" near the entrance of the guest-house.

Copyright: ASTRON - Photos by R.Halfwerk
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