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ASTRON News December edition is out!

Submitter: Femke Boekhorst
Description: Welcome to a new winter edition of the ASTRON Newsletter! The second half of 2011 was dominated by big developments, of which the evaluation of the institute in October was the main highlight. Statements such as "re-inventing radio astronomy" and "world leading research" of the evaluation panel made everyone at ASTRON very proud of all the work that has been done in the past years, and the detailed evaluation report will help us with everything that lies ahead.

Furthermore, in September the first LOFAR science results were presented in the workshop "First science with LOFAR". The participants of the workshop, that brought together over 100 members of the LOFAR collaboration from all over Europe, reported on first results from the full range of LOFAR's key science projects. And of course it doesn't end there. Beginning of January, a special LOFAR session is scheduled at the AAS meeting in Austin, Texas: http://www.abstractsonline.com/Plan/ViewSession.aspx?sKey=1e68798f-c7c5-4c8a-a779-fe0d6cf6ef4e&mKey={25369F54-5CB0-4639-BC20-B20273090B9A}. Read all about this in the latest ASTRON News.

You can read about more science results in the report of Raymond Oonk on his thesis about cool gas in brightest cluster galaxies. For the ATLAS 3D team (25 European and North American astronomers), Paolo Serra reports on the importance of galaxy environment.

On behalf of the UniBoard development team, Andre Gunst and Gijs Schoonderbeek inform us in the newsletter on integrating UniBoards, complex and high density boards that will be used for the APERTIF digital beam former and the APERTIF correlator, as well as for the correlation of all 576 dipoles on the central LOFAR superterp. This challenging project promises to be a beneficial design for the SKA. In their article, Gunst and Schoonderbeek describe the workings of this multifunctional Uniboard.

You can find the ASTRON News of December here:


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On behalf of the editorial team, Femke Boekhorst, Raffaella Morganti, Mike Garrett
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