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The Smiling Face of ASTRON

Submitter: Madroon, E.J.
Description: ASTRON presents many faces to the world, and this is certainly not the least attractive one. Those that were hoping for another picture of our Director or his ilk are referred to the most recent issue (or any issue, really) of ASTRON News. They will not be disappointed.

The ASTRON smile will be familiar to the steady stream of visitors to our institute in Dwingeloo. It makes them feel welcome, soothes their nerves, and tempers any aggressive thoughts they may have entertained when entering the building.

The smile is also audible to those who try to reach us by phone, and has a similar effect. All those journalists, educators, tradespeople, consultants, fortune hunters, politicians, regulators, cranks, supplicants, auditors, creditors, bailiffs, and other relations now know the face behind the voice that greets them.
Copyright: Alex Benjamins, Fritz Möller
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