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Alas, your AJDI Queue is Empty!

Submitter: Mr AJDI
Description: Today, of all days, the day on which we will be titillated, motivated and aroused by the New Year's speeches of our Directors, we teeter on the brink of an empty queue of submitted ASTRON/JIVE Daily Images.

It is ludicrous that the fortunate employees of this powerful twin of sister institutes and their circle of (inter)national friends and admirers should not be able to submit at least one interesting image per work-day. A mere 250 per year, or only 200 if we do not count the weekly colloquium announcements. Moreover, such laxity is inconsistent with what your Directors will tell you in their speeches today, about all the great things that we are doing. We should back them up in their noble quest, and proudly show the world.

Keep in mind that the AJDI is not only about technical and scientific triumphs. It is also the extended family chronicle of our two institutes. Thus, the AJDI archive illuminates a part of your life's trajectory in which you (have) invest(ed) a great deal of emotional energy (whether you like it or not). In any case, it greatly widens the scope of suitable images.

In this context, we have started to "retrofit" the AJDI archive by asking people (i.e. you) to scan in old photographs, and to submit them using the link at the top of this page. Please add some information about their date, subject and names of visible persons. We will then put them on the approximate date, which may be as far back as the start of SRZM (1949) or even the birth of radio astronomy (1933).

To get a taste, please check the archive, using the link above. Its search mechanism has just been greatly improved by Henk Vosmeijer , who can also help you with any technical problems (vosmeijer@astron.nl). Note how easy it is to download images, to lend some elegance and depth to your powerpoint presentations.
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