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On this date in e-VLBI history

Submitter: Kristine Yun
Description: On this date (16 January) in 2004, the first European e-VLBI image was produced from data transferred 24 hours earlier. Data were streamed directly from the formatters at Onsala and Westerbork at a datarate of 128 Mbps to disk packs at JIVE without any disk buffering at the stations. Data from the Cambridge telescope were also recorded simultaneously on disk packs at Jodrell Bank and transferred to JIVE after the experiment.

The data from the three telescopes were correlated and processed off-line to produce a map of the target source, 2007+777 (shown). Steve Parsley and Arpad Szomoru, Head of Technical Operations and R&D past and present at JIVE, appeared suitably proud.

It was only five years later, 15-16 January 2009, that the EVN demonstrated a "marathon" e-VLBI observation at the opening ceremony of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) in Paris. Using 17 telescopes around the world, they observed and correlated in real-time for 33 nearly-continuous hours.
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