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Today's colloquium: What is an AARTFAAC anyway, and what does it do? (Ralph Wijers & Peeyush Prasad, University of Amsterdam)

Submitter: Colloquium
Description: Astrophysical transients are one of the prime science cases for LOFAR. This is due to a combination of LOFAR's excellent suitability to find them and follow them up, and the suitability of those transients for probing the extremes of the laws of physics. The AARTFAAC project is a collaboration between ASTRON and UvA to take this even one step further. We aim to image the entire sky above Exloo all the time at 1-sec time resolution, and thus find the brightest and rarest types of transient and figure out what they might be. We discuss some possible types of science that this may lead to, and show some first results of all-sky imaging with the superterp.
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