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Balcony scene with attendees of the SKA-AAVP workshop in Dwingeloo

Submitter: ASTRON SKA Programme Office
Description: Just before the end of last year, ASTRON hosted the AAVP 2011 workskhop "Taking the AA Programme into SKA pre-construction". Held from 12-16 December it was very timely as both the AA-low and AA-mid passed the Concept Design Review and the SKA project starting-up toward pre-construction.

Wrapping up on AA-science and technical achievements in PrepSKA, more than 70 participants stressed the importance of AA's for the SKA, starting on Monday afternoon with break-out sessions on technologies and science of AA-low and AA-mid, followed by a second session the next morning discussing technical developments in AA-mid and science of AA-low. These discussion were quite lively and meant a flying start of the plenary meetings with a welcome by ASTRON General Director Michael Garrett and an SKA update by SPDO Director Richard Schilizzi. The detailed programme can be found on www.astron.nl/aavp2011/. Special topics included a view on Industrialization and production techniques and a session on Green Aperture Arrays including sustainable energies.

Following a site visit to the Westerbork Observatory, with updates on APERTIF, EMBRACE and the GALILEO test station, the workshop closed with an invite to the ASTRON Christmas High Tea.
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