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Non-thermal extended X-ray source in the COSMOS field

Submitter: Vibor Jelic
Description: In the COSMOS field ( http://cosmos.astro.caltech.edu/ ) we have carried out a systematic search for non-thermal extended X-ray sources, i.e. sources in which the X-ray emission is mostly arising due to inverse Compton scattering of the CMB photons off electrons in the radio lobes, rather than thermal emission from the hot gas in the galaxy cluster/group. Based on a concurrence of morphological structures in the radio and X-ray images, we have found only one source, a large radio galaxy at redshift 1.168. Multi-wavelength images of this source are shown above.

Left image: Hubble Space Telescope i-band image is presented in a red scale. The radio emission at 1.4 GHz of the associated radio galaxy is over-plotted with solid contours. Borders of extended X-ray emission obtained by XMM-Newton are shown by the dashed line. Associated optical/IR galaxies are marked with blue boxes and red diamonds, according to their color.

Right image: XMM-Newton, background point-source subtracted and smoothed image is presented in a blue scale (note that darker colors show regions with stronger X-ray emission). The radio emission at 1.4 GHz is smoothed to the resolution of the X-ray image and over-plotted as solid white contours. A dashed green line marks the X-ray flux extraction region associated with the extended X-ray emission, while the dash-dotted green circles are regions associated with the core, lobes, and a putative group emission.

For more details please go to http://arxiv.org/abs/1204.2552 (arXiv:1204.2552).
Copyright: Jelic et al., accepted for publication in MNRAS
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