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Today's colloquium: The Milky Way laboratory: from Near to Far-Field Cosmology

Submitter: Stefania Salvadori
Description: Understanding the nature of the first cosmic sources and their feedback effects on the early galaxy formation process are key challenges of cosmology.

I will review the recent theoretical progresses in understanding the properties of these pristine objects, underlying the numerous questions that still remain open. The latest results of Near-Field cosmology will be discussed, from both an observational and a theoretical point of view. I will emphasize the great potentiality of this rapidly growing field that focuses on the properties of ancient, metal-poor stars and galaxies that are living today.

I will show that our own Galaxy and its neighborhood companions are useful laboratories to study early cosmic star formation, and discuss the possible connections between the progenitors of Milky Way-like galaxies and high-redshifts objects. In particular, I will analyze the physical properties of the Galactic progenitors that can be observed as Lyman Alpha Emitters (z ~ 6) and Damped Lya Absorption systems (z ~ 3), with emphasis on the opportunity they offer to study the infant Milky Way.
Copyright: Stefania Salvadori
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