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MEGASTRON - the last concert

Submitter: MEGASTRON - Argo, Hellbourg, Duev, van Langevelde, Jozsa
Description: We had a great time! After rehearsing for only several weeks, we had the opportunity to perform as the main act in front of a huge crowd of more than 20 people (some subset of the JIVE/ASTRON midsummer barbecue). Rather than running away with fingers in their ears, they were actually listening and some were even dancing. This could only mean that an unprecedented rock 'n roll career was waiting for us, thank you so much!

But our dreams of endless parties, masses of groupies and, most of all, rock 'n roll stardom, are now muted by the fact that, after having such a great debut, our differences grew too big. MEGASTRON announces that co-founder and drummer Greg Hellbourg has decided to leave the band (actually, he is going back to France to finish his PhD, the spatial difference making rehearsing regularly quite difficult - he's loud, but not quite that loud). After this shock, the band will have to take a break (at least until Dima comes back from his holidays and the reconstruction of our studio is completed) to contemplate their future, hoping to recover from the blow.

Unfortunately, we lost the original recordings (but we cannot blame our outstanding sound technician Mattheijs Eikelboom for this), but we did manage to lay our hands on footage of the last concert with the original set, including the evergreen "VLBI Idiot".
Copyright: MEGASTRON
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