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Plus ca change...

Submitter: Attila Jasko
Description: Shock and Horror! Where is the Dwingeloo telescope? And is that yet another building being added to your favourite observatory?

No worries. As you may have gleaned from earlier images, the 25m dish has been lifted off its mount (for the first time since 1955!) and is being sandblasted and refurbished underneath a protective cover. When the time has come, it will emerge fully-formed, ready for its next life as a national heritage treasure.

In the meantime, the new wing of the ASTRON/JIVE observatory is progressing apace. It is the greenish-white structure in the middle. To the left, the dark gray portacabin for the ASTRON astronomers is visible, attached to the light gray one where the crucial software people have been very happy for some years now. Both portacabins will disappear when the new building is ready.

The photo was taken on the 7th of July, 2012. (What kind of aeroplane is it, anyway?)
Copyright: Attila Jasko, Jan Noordam
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