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Building, building, building...

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: Just to pass the time while we are waiting for the many promised image submissions, here are some more pictures of the steadily advancing new wing of the ASTRON/JIVE complex. This one was taken a few weeks back, at the height of the Dutch summer.

Watching the builders doing their thing is envy-inspiring: If only we could be that efficient! But, at the cutting edge, we always do everything for the first time....

To the right is the temporary astronomers' shack, where they seem to be perfectly content. They have been lulled by a pretty little lawn, and some picnic-tables.

In the background, the Dwingeloo 25m dish is visible, lying impotently on the ground. Its naked mount is modestly hidden behind a small fig-tree.
Copyright: Ingrid Arling
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