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ASTRON Ancestor Veneration Program

Submitter: Madroon, E.J.
Description: People who have devoted their entire orbit to ASTRON tend to find it a bit difficult to let go. Fortunately, there is so much to do that many of them can occupy themselves quietly and lovingly, giving meaning to their life, and thus prolonging it indefinitely. The unspoken agreement is that they do not comment too loudly on the way things are done nowadays, and only go on (and on) about the Good Old Days among themselves.

As a visual aid to ancestor worship, the picture shows the ones that "still have an office" (Mike's distinction), gathered in the socalled Dinosaur Room in Outhouse I. In order of ancienity:

  • Johan Hamaker: The Father of the Measurement Equation
  • Wim Brouw: The Grandfather of us all
  • Hans van Someren Greve: The PAC Protector of the WSRT
  • Jan Buiter: The Godfather of the building project
  • Albert Bos (not present): The Father of The Bos Chip
  • Jaap Bregman: The Father of the Mother of all LOFAR designs
  • Jan Noordam: The Midwife of your beloved ASTRON/JIVE Daily Image

Soon, they will be joined by the last stragglers of the current retirement tsunami. But the distinction of "having an office" will disappear, as all dinosaurs will have to compete for the limited number of "flex-plekken" in the new building. Undoubtedly, they will do so generously and with dignity.
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