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Children Group 7 Stork School Dwingeloo 'on tour' at ASTRON

Submitter: Frederiek Westra van Holthe
Description: On Thursday July 7, just before the start of the holiday season, 28 children of the local primary school paid a visit to ASTRON in Dwingeloo. They had been prepared at school, so they had some basic knowledge about the universe, the planets, the Sun and the Moon. Annette de Boer gave an introductory lecture to refresh their minds and told the kids what exactly is happening in 'their' backyard. This was followed by open mouths and many questions during the tour of the engineering laboratory and the playful demonstrations by Marco Drost. There were many Ohh's and Wow's during the final top-act, the "explosion of the Angel Kiss" (chocolate-coated marshmallow).

The afternoon was organized by ASTRON in collaboration with UNAWE.

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