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LOFAR Booth at IAU open for business

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: Still somewhat jetlagged, these four ASTRON-ers got together on the morning of Sunday 19 Aug, to put together the ASTRON booth for the IAU General Assembly 2012, Beijing. The big crates with props and posters had arrived; and this time the power drill needed to open them was not inside but brought separately.

We think it's fair to say the that astronomer travel-pattern analysis we did beforehand on the conference-center layout paid off; we have the nicest and most visible booth when entering the venue. A LOFAR HBA scale model with blinking lights, an LBA model with LOFAR picture backdrop; combined with APERTIF and SKA posters, and astronomical, observatory and R&D movies playing in the background, make for an inviting presentation of ASTRON here in Beijing.

So when you read this from Beijing, come see us at stand #23. If you read this from Dwingeloo or elsewhere, keep checking in for further updates from the IAU GA.

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