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LOFAR dominates IAUS291 programme

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: The first week of the IAU saw several interesting parallel 5-day symposia, "Molecular Gas, Dust, and Star Formation in Galaxies", "Feeding compact objects: Accretion on all scales" (featuring the coolest poster of the meeting), and finally "Neutron stars and pulsars: Challenges and opportunities after 80 Years". Looking at the program of this latter meeting, IAUS291, it is fair to say it was dominated by early LOFAR results. The first slides of the 5 LOFAR talks are shown above. Going from left to right: Vlad Kondratiev gave the invited review, while Thijs Coenen, Heino Falcke, Vlad Kondratiev (again) and Joeri van Leeuwen presented contributed work on surveys and individual findings.
Copyright: JvL/Authors
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