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European Commissioner for Regional Policy visits Dwingeloo

Submitter: Michael Garrett
Description: The European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn, visited ASTRON a few weeks ago. His programme in the North Netherlands comprised meetings with political representatives as well as visits to various EC funded projects. The commissioner was accompanied by the Queen's commissioners - John Jorritsma (Friesland), Mac van den Berg (Groningen) and Jacques Tichelaar (Drenthe).

Although the visit to Dwingeloo was brief, the Commissioner was taken on a whirl-wind tour of ASTRON's facilities - in particular he was able to see how regional funding had been put to good use both by LOFAR and the SKA R&D effort. Summarising the impressions of his visit, the Commissioner stated: "The Netherlands have often been displayed as a good example of how relatively small amounts of EU financing could help deliver impressive results, in particular in the field of innovation. In many areas the Netherlands are the innovation driver for Europe".
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