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Roll-out of LOFAR station RS310 (Zuidveen/Onna)

Submitter: Marchel Gerbers / Nico Ebbendorf
Description: During an inspection flight by the "Gasunie", a picture was taken of the nascent LOFAR "Remote Station" RS310, located near Onna, near Steenwijk, about 50km WSW of the LOFAR core. The surrounding Dutch landscape does not get more typical than this.

Its cables had to cross a major gas pipeline, which was smoothly effectuated by the LOFAR construction company "A-Hak" in good collaboration with the "Gasunie", a major Dutch energy company.

The picture shows a circular patch of white sand for the HBA station, which will improve rainwater drainage. In the next phase, the (48) HBA-tiles will be installed on top of the sand bed.

The LBA antenna field is situated to the right. The 3x3m ground-planes are just visible. Note that their density increases towards the centre. Traces of its cable routing "Christmas tree" may be recognized by the darker soil. The electronics cabinet is located between the two antenna fields.
Copyright: Gasunie
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