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Astronomy and Computing: A New Journal for the Astronomical Computing Community

Submitter: Michael Wise
Description: We introduce Astronomy and Computing, a new journal for the growing population of people working in the domain where astronomy overlaps with computer science and information technology. The journal aims to provide a new communication channel within that community, which is not well served by current journals, and to help secure recognition of its true importance within modern astronomy.

Astronomy and Computing will focus on the broad area between astronomy, computer science and information technology. The journal aims to publish the work of scientists and engineers in all aspects of astronomical computing, including the collection, analysis, reduction, visualisation, preservation and dissemination of data, and the development of astronomical software and simulations. The journal will cover applications for academic computer science techniques to astronomy, as well as novel applications of information technologies within astronomy.

The journal will be open to a broad range of contributions about the use of computing in astronomy. It will accept regular scientific articles and review articles, but will also consider manuscripts on new software and data releases of astronomical surveys, and "reports on practice" which describe the outcomes (positive and negative) of the practical application of informatics techniques within astronomy research and operations. In general, manuscripts should make a valuable contribution to the field and should display an appropriate familiarity with previous work in the area and alternative approaches to the same problem. Providing a sustainable link to data or source code is strongly encouraged. All manuscripts will be subject to peer-review.
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