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Dwingeloo 25m Dish to be remounted again

Submitter: peter bennema
Description: In June 2012, the 25m dish of the venerable Dwingeloo Radio Telescope was lifted off its support tower. It struggled fiercely. After a hard fight, during which the contractor was forced to bring in extra weights for the crane, the two parts of the famous monument were finally pulled asunder, for the first time in almost 60 years. (See Daily Images 04-, 16-, and 17-06-2012).

During the ensuing five months, all the steel parts have been sandblasted and repainted. Where necessary, parts have been replaced. All 372 triangle mesh windows of the dish have been inspected, cleaned and placed back onto 211 completely renewed mushroom-shaped adjustable fixing points (pedestals, or "paddestoelen" in Dutch).

Now the 25m parabolic reflector (12m focal length) is back within 2mm of its original ideal shape. The gearboxes at the top of the tower, and the elevation bearings on the dish itself, have been completely overhauled. Also, the unique operation cabin has been restored.

Next Monday, Nov 19th, at 11:00, the contractors Multipaint from Stadskanaal and Oving Special Products from Gasselte intend to hoist the dish back on. The actual lifting will be carried out bij Wagenborg Nedlift from Groningen. Wheather permitting, of course. With the struggle of the separation in mind, it will be interesting and exciting to watch the two parts being joined together again for the next 60 years.

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