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APERTIF Telescope Cabins have been ordered

Submitter: Wim van Cappellen for the APERTIF team
Description: Recently, the European public procurement of the APERTIF Telescope Cabins has been completed. The contract has been awarded to the Dutch company COMTEST Engineering B.V. in Zoeterwoude.

The Telescope Cabins will house the receivers and digital processing electronics of the APERTIF Phased Array Feeds. Faraday cages will be installed in the cabins to shield the highly sensitive antennas from the RFI generated by the powerful processing boards. The design of the cabins is very similar to the containers placed near the LOFAR international stations.

The containers (12 in total) will be installed at the WSRT from January to March 2013. To increase the visibility of the project, we have adopted the bright color scheme proposed by the "highly paid consultants of the LOFAR marketing division" (see http://www.astron.nl/dailyimage/main.php?date=20080716).
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