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Telescooploop 2012

Submitter: Ger van Diepen
Description: On Tuesday afternoon 6-Nov the Personeelsvereninging organized the 'telescooploop', a run of 24.3 km from the telescope in Westerbork to the telescope in Dwingeloo via a route used some 15 years ago by the pioneers Bob Sault and Ger van Diepen. It was also possible to do a shorter run of 15 or 8 km or to walk instead of run. About 30 people took part, many more than anticipated; young and old, female and male. 13 people did the full distance, of which 3 walked. Together they covered about 460 km.

The route was mostly paved along a nice scenery of fields, woods, heather and ponds. It went from the plateau of Drenthe to the edge, so it was mostly downhill apart from a steep ascent to cross the A28. The 5 km of forest track was not too muddy despite the rain we've had in the past week. We were lucky that during the run the weather was very nice.

The event was organized very well; compliments to the PV. A taxi transported the people to the starting points and several volunteers took care that along the road and at the end in the canteen drinks and refreshments were available for the runners and walkers.

An indication of the fitness level of the people is that the next day I did not see anybody crippling through the corridors with stiff legs. Despite a few blisters and sore knees or muscles, the enthusiasm was so great that everybody would like this event to be turned into a yearly happening. Some people were even thinking about starting at LOFAR, but that means more than a full marathon. I don't know if there are such ultra-runners at ASTRON/JIVE.
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