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Fall fashions

Submitter: George Heald
Description: Astronomers are not normally thought of as fashion conscious, but that's all about to change.

MSSS, LOFAR's commissioning survey to image the northern sky from 30 to 160 MHz, is continuing to push forward thanks to the dedicated efforts of a large team, unofficially known as the "MSSS Army". As a small measure of thanks, the project team members are being outfitted with the livery that is modeled here. As you can see, this glamorous look has begun to spread from the Continent to the UK. One of the photos shown here was taken during a recent, and very productive, MSSS work week in Southampton (for archival purposes: yes, it was the month of Movember).

In all seriousness, the MSSS Team has made fantastic progress during 2012, and we are all looking forward to the first official survey output!
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