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(LOFAR) Pulsars on the Cover of Zenit

Submitter: Jason Hessels
Description: The latest edition of the Dutch amateur magazine for astronomy, atmospheric sciences, and space research, Zenit, features two companion articles on low-frequency radio observations of pulsars.

Hans Buist relates the excitement surrounding the original discovery of pulsars in the article "Jocelyn Bell-Burnell en de ontdekking van pulsars", which he based on a recent lecture at the Kapteyn Institute by Jocelyn Bell-Burnell herself.

In an article entitled "Pulsars: Terugblik op een roemruchte ontdekking en een grote sprong vooruit met LOFAR" I relate the pulsar studies that the LOFAR Pulsar Working Group has made in the last few years. With LOFAR, we have returned to the same spectral window in which pulsars were originally found. Now, however, we have the advantage of huge fractional bandwidths, high time and frequency resolution, and flexible, large fields-of-view. These combine to make LOFAR a powerful pulsar observatory, which we are using to study the enigmatic pulsar emission mechanism and to search for new pulsars and fast transients.
Copyright: Zenit/Hessels/Buist
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