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The ASTRON News winter edition is out

Submitter: Femke Boekhorst
Description: The winter edition of the ASTRON Newsletter is out and can be found on the ASTRON homepage. In the past few months, ASTRON seemed to be the hot spot for highly-placed visitors: EU-commissioner Hahn, Italian ambassador Azzarello, member of the European Parliament Berman and the EC Director General for Research & Innovation Antelo. Not to mention the Junior Minister for Economics, Agriculture and Innovation, half the directorate of IBM and the Queen's Commissioner of Drenthe, Jacques Tichelaar. We were very honoured to welcome them as our guests and show them what ASTRON is all about, and for them to meet the people who make it all happen at ASTRON.

And a lot is happening, yet again. You will notice that this winter edition of the ASTRON News is packed with science news. Our astronomers' report on newly recycled pulsars observed with VLBI, clumpy rotating gas discs in a sub-millimetre galaxy, and LOFAR beam mapping experiments. George Heald reports on the progress of the LOFAR Multi-frequency Snapshot Sky Survey (MSSS), and Ger de Bruyn treats us to a bite from the LOFAR EoR project.

But let's not get too far ahead. We also like to introduce you to a new feature in this newsletter, which is Layar. With this app, we want to make the ASTRON News a more interactive experience for our readers. How does it work? Easy. Some of the articles are accompanied by the Layar sign. All you have to do, is download the Layar app from the app store on your smart phone and point your phone towards this sign. It will allow you to see videos and photos in a completely new way.

You can find the winter edition of the ASTRON News on http://www.astron.nl/sites/astron.nl/files/cms/ASTRON%20News%20Winter%202012%20Definitief.pdf

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