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Songs of Praise

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: Inevitably, the employees of a bleeding-edge radio-astronomical conglomerate like ASTROJIVE tend to be well-rounded individuals. Apart from an unflinching dedication to our Mission Statement, they have many outside interests, which they pursue with the apparent effortlessness of the consummate amateur(*). Of course they do not brag about their accomplishments, so it is only on special occasions that they consent to come forward and strut their stuff.

In addition to being talented and accomplished, ASTROJIVE employees are also willing to exert themselves for the community. This is a healthy sign for any organization. Some examples: a highly active personnel club (PV), regular sports events like football, running, cycling and baseball, a family chronicle in pictures, the coddling of summer students, and even a precious and much appreciated cabaret group.

The image shows a charming coalition of (some of our) trained singing voices. At the recent Christmas High Tea, they treated us to a melodious medley of hymns, singing the praise of management, NWO and other benevolent agencies that create the conditions for our richly rewarding lives in the whispering forests of Dwingeloo.

(*) Just to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings: "consummate" is a highly positive adjective.
Copyright: Harm Jan Stiepel
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