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Today 10:30-12:00: The New Year's Speeches

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: Today, our Directors will manifest themselves to regale us with their New Year's speeches. To mark this festive event, we were planning to just repeat the AJDI of New Year's Day but this was blocked by Mike's explicit request for something (more) appropriate. Therefore, since it is the habit of ASTRON and JIVE employees to follow their Leaders critically, we have copied some rules for a typical NY speech from a reputable source, for easy reference during the performances.


A New Year speech is given by an employer for his or her workforce or it is an informal toast within a group of friends who are keeping the New Year. (In our case, there is no difference, of course).


  • Introduction.
  • Looking back on the year.
  • Illustrative examples of the Memorable Events.
  • Plans for the New Year and Great Expectations.
  • A toast.


    The speaker does not drink during the speech. As the speech may be delivered in front of both colleagues and their invited guests, including relatives, husbands and wives, and partners, the speaker does not go into any detail not to bore the audience. Paragraphs are short. Pauses are long.

  • Copyright: Speech Guru
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