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The AJDI Archive

Submitter: AJDI editors
Description: Against some gloomy predictions, the ASTRON/JIVE Daily Image (AJDI) has been going for almost seven years now, since the spring of 2006. It has presented almost 1500 easily digestible highlights of the ASTROJIVE family chronicle, which have been viewed in more than 100 countries. And still it is only a fraction of what could be shown.

AJDI's do not only represent a "day in the Sun" for someone or something, but they are also stored in an easily accessible archive. It is really simple to download them from there (just right-click on the picture), which many people do for their PowerPoint presentations. Submitting a good AJDI is an investment, which can pay off in surprising ways.

The picture above shows what you get when you click the "Archive" button at the top of the AJDI website (there are other intriguing buttons too, like "Submit Image" for instance). You can search on year, but also on keyword(s). Enjoy.

NB: As time goes by, people tend to idealize the past, so they will start delving into this archive to recapture the wonderful times they remember to have had in Dwingeloo. Many will only regret that we did not begin the collection earlier. Therefore, we are in the process of "retrofitting" the archive by asking people (like you) to scan in old photographs, and to submit them by means of the designated button. We will then place them at approximately the correct date. Please include some factual explanation like names and dates, and perhaps some anecdotes. And please pass on this request to others who might have interesting photos. It is highly appreciated.

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