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Ijspret 2013

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: Thanks to global warming, which has melted the Arctic ice, more circum-polar cold air is escaping to western Europe. Among other things, this results in colder winters. One of the advantages is that we can have an ASTROJIVE ice-skating event every year.

The picture depicts this year's fun, on wednesday 23 jan 2013(*). As usual, the Personnel Club (PV) provided a "Koek en Zopie" (refreshments) stand, and had swept an artistic path through the snow. Underneath, the ice was smooth and black (and hard), with only a few threacherous cracks, and a reassuring thickness of 13 cm. On it, people of many creeds and persuasions clung to each other, at various levels of accomplishment, on a wide variety of skates, enjoying the peculiarities of the Netherlands. A great time was had by all.

* Due to a sudden heatwave, all the ice has now disappeared, within a week. This offers the prospect of a pristine new ice-floor, without snow, if it gets cold again in February. We can but hope.
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