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Imaging Busy Week 16

Submitter: Emanuela Orru'
Description: The imaging busy week 16 took place in Leiden from the 14th until the 18th of January. This workshop brought together 43 astronomers within the LOFAR collaboration to exchange expertise and ideas on how to reduce and analyse LOFAR interferometric data.

The main challenge for the LOFAR imaging group is to ensure that high dynamic range thermal noise limited images can be made over the entire accessible sky and over LOFAR's full frequency range. This requires resolution of serious issues that were being addressed by working groups of 4-8 people. The workshop started with a review of the status of the system and associated software, before breaking into working groups. All participants reconvened each day for a status update of activities.

The topics of the working groups covered:
- Long Baseline Observations: Developed a complete method for how to process long baseline observations.
- Ionospheric Effects: Methods were tested for measuring ionospheric effects and subtract its imprint from data.
- Large Scale Galactic Structures: Structured a method to effectively test the removal of strong sources in the sidebands of observations.
- Source Flux Recovery: Tested the new imaging software against the old, and also tested two different types of source extractors.
- Cookbook Tutorial: Wrote a tutorial to help new users to the instrument.
- Deep Field XMM-LSS: Produced the first images from LOFAR of the XMM-LSS field, showing that low-elevation observations are possible with the High Band Antennas (HBA) of LOFAR.

The Astron/Jive daily image shows a few sketches of the most interesting results of each working group during the Busy Week 16.

Overall, the workshop was a success, not only for the individual working groups, but for the larger group as well, with discussions on how to proceed and work more effectively towards creating the best images possible of the low frequency radio sky with LOFAR.
Copyright: Emanuela Orru' on behalf of the Busy Weekers
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