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4MOST for the VISTA telescope at Paranal

Submitter: Johan Pragt
Description: The 4MOST consortium finished the Phase A, Conceptual Design study of a wide-field (2.5 degree diameter), high-multiplex (2400 fibres) spectroscopic survey facility for the ESO 4m-class telescope VISTA. 4MOST will run permanently on the telescope to perform a 5 year all accessible sky public survey yielding more than 25 million spectra at resolution R~5000 (lambda=390-950 nm) and more than 2 million spectra at R~20,000 (395-456.5 nm & 587-673 nm). The 4MOST design is especially intended to complement three key all-sky, space-based observatories of prime European interest: Gaia, eROSITA and Euclid.

Today the Concept Design Review will take place at ESO in Garching.

The Dutch contribution is the development of the calibration concept and in cooperation with RAL in the UK the Low Resolution Spectrographs.

The spectrographs are the main units of the instrument, together with the fibre positioner and the wide filed corrector unit.

The picture shows a cut-out of the VISTA telescope with the 4MOST parts to be developed and the Low Resolution Spectrograph in accent.
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